Remote Visual Inspection

BIPOL P1 & Rugged Videoscopes

BIPOL Video Endoscopes with 2 main video units and a large number of interchangeable videoscope probes which can be either articulating and non articulating.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Articulating Video Borescopes

Versatile line of high end resolution joysticked controlled videoscopes specially dedicated for use in the industrial and security sectors. Videoscopes start with a working diameter of 2.4 mm and can operate with lengths up to 10 meter. All offer powerful LED illumination and photo and video recording possibility.                                         

Micro Video Endoscopes

Smaller inspection systems, a special micro videoscopes with high resolution and LED illumination for the inspection of small parts, in the aviation industry, pharmaceutical industry or micro mechanics. Micro videoscopes sheathing materials use a braided monocoil assembly ad are designed to withstand the most difficult applications.

Video Inspection Pole Cameras

Expandable up to 5 m. Pole cameras allow quick and safe remote inspection of attics, trucks, buildings upper floors, containers, gitters, maholes, ceilings... Perfect solution to inspect dark and large hard-to-reach areas in railways, nuclear, security, oil & gas without need of time consuming scaffoldings or risk of physical contact for security forces for example. 

Inspection Cameras

To inspect drains, sewage or industrial pipes in maintenance to check for burrs, rust or leaks, a specially designed video for inspection or pipes DN 50 to DN 200. Centering devices of different diameters allow perfect positioning of the probe inside the inspected pipe.

Rigid Borescope

Rigid borescope offer a high optical quality and sharp and clear images. Inspect engines, valves, fuel injector nozzles, walls in building turbines with our extendable endoscopes. Rigid borescopes are compatible with video accessories to visualize and record images and videos


Technical fiberscopes for a use in industrial and aviation filed. Ideal for inspections of fundry parts, engines, wings and other aircraft and helicopter maintenance inspection, connectors.

Light Sources

Portable or benchtop light sources allow to bring to rigid or flexible endoscopes an adapted illumination for a better inspection. Reliable, robust and long lasting due to LED technology, they are particularly recommended during video inspection.

Video Accessories

For the visualization of images on site, laboratory or in the workshop, we offer portable and fixed video recording units and CCD Cameras. All systems are specially adapted for a use with rigid endoscopes or flexible fiberscopes.