Radionuclide Identification Devices

PM1401K-3 Multipurpose Handheld Radiation Monitor/Identifier

PM1401K-3 is designed for accurate detection of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation sources as well as for gamma spectra accumulation and precise measurement of gamma dose rate and levels contaminated surfaces with alpha and beta irradating sources. 

PM1401K-3/M Datasheet

PM1401K-3E Multipurpose Handheld Radiation Monitor

PM1401K-3E is a gamma-neutron model of the instrument without functions of the instrument without functions of Cs-137 activity measurement and radionuclides identification. 

PM1401K-3M Multipurpose Handheld Radiation Monitor/Identifier

PM1401K-3M is a gamma-only model of the instrument without neutron detection function.

PM1401K-3/M Datasheet

PM1401K-3P Multipurpose Handheld Radiation Monitor/Identifier

PM1401K-3P modification is equipped with built-in alpha, beta, gamma and neutron (based on three scintillation units) detectors.

PM1401K-3P Datasheet

PM1403 Spectroscopic Radiation Monitor

Multipurpose Radiation Monitor is designed for measuring of all types of radiation, spectrum collection of gamma emitting sources and radioisotope identification. External detectors extend the range of performed tasks.

PM1402M Processing Unit

A portable multipurpose radiation laboratory PM1402M consists of a processing unit and five external exchangeable radiation detectors.

PM1402M Datasheet