Contamination Monitors

AT6130, AT6130A, AT6130D Radiation Monitors

Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent rate and ambient dose equivalent, as well as measurement of beta particle flux density (AT6130).

AT6130 Datasheet
AT6130A,D Datasheet

AT1117M Radiation Monitor (Alpha/Beta Contamination Monitor)

This configuration of radiation monitor can be used for the following purposes:   
- Measure alpha particle flux density and surface activity of 239Pu with BDPA-02 / BDPA-03

- Measure beta particle flux density and surface activity of 90Sr+90Y BDPB-02 / BDPB-03

AT1117M Contamination Monitor Datasheet

AT1117M Radiation Monitor (With Multifunctional Detection Unit)

General control radioactive contamination in pulse count rate mode with possibility of separate measurement of alpha particles flux density and beta particles flux density, as well as gamma radiation dose rate measurement.

AT1117M Radiation Monitor