Performance features
  • Controlled and reproducible freezing 
  • Temperature reference measurement (incl. sample sensor)
  • Up to six independently working freezers
  • Free configurable freezing curves
  • Sample format independent 
  • Semi to fully automatic configuration available 
  • Freezer with connected cryogenic working area to handle frozen samples 
  • cryogenic work room with adjustable temperature down to -130C
  • Software and hardware supported monitoring system
High precision freezer combined with cryogenic handlings area

The AKION C-Line work bench (WB) has cryogenic working area (T <-100°C, which can be equipped with two (WB220), three (WB230) or 6 (aWB) freezing devices (freezers). Due to the dry nitrogen atmosphere and the ultra-low temperatures inside the device, you can sort your frozen samples and/or store them temporarily. The internal/external barcode scanners allow identification and tracing of your samples at any time (barcode-based sample management). The optional freezers enable to freeze different sample formats in a defined and reproducible manner while recording all relevant data.

Freezing can be carried out using freely programmable freezing curves. The individual freezers can be started at any time without having to wait for the neighboring freezer to end. After the freezing process you can transfer your frozen sample to the AKION C-line hermetic storage for storage using a transport container (-100°C or colder). In addition to the semi-automated device versions, an automated workbench (aWB) is available. Thanks to adaptable interfaces, the aWB can also be connected to external devices (e. g. pipetting platforms) to enable fully automated and fully documented sample processing (e. g. aliquoting, freezing, storage)

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