Density Meter 

A wide range of benchtop and portable digital density meters

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Excellence Density Meters

Developed for a wide range of applications, Excellence Density Meters allow for workflow automation and multiparameter system. Measure almost any sample with high reliability and precision guaranteed.

Density Excellence Datasheet
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Standard EasyPlus Density Meters

With remarkably simple user interface, EasyPlus Density Meters allow anyone to obtain accurate results in the lab or near the production line.

EasyPlus Density Datasheet
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Portable Density Meter

Densito portable density meter: lightweight and easy to use! Measure different types of samples within seconds. 

Portable Density Datasheet
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Automated Density Measurement

Save time, reduce costs and improve operational safety with seamless automation solutions. From simple sampling pumps to heated autosamplers. Increase results repeatability and reliability.

InMotion Autosamplers
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Multiparameter System

Measure density, refractive index, pH, color, titration and more with our multiparameter system. Increase data quality and save time by measuring all parameters at once.

GDRP Good Density & Refractometry Practice
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Density Software

Powerful software solutions for density measurement. The paperless operation will ensure data integrity, secure storage and make transcriptions free of errors. Easily review and analyze your data.

LabX Brochure
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Density Meter Accessories and Consumables 

Get the most out of your density meter by complementing it with accessories and consumables. From high tech solutions such as scanners and sensors, to a variety of certified liquid standards and more.